Cheap Rare Candy - No login required

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Cheap Rare Candy!

Unlock incredible rewards in Pokémon GO through the Referral Rewards program! Experience the joy of obtaining numerous items like raid passes, rare candy, and exclusive spawns such as Bagon or Charizard.

Participating is easy – just share your Referral and Friend Codes with us, and you'll be on your way to earning fantastic benefits.

A purchase of 2.000 or more rare candy will also get you the Friend Finder Platinum Medal.

How does this work?

Following your purchase, kindly provide us with both your referral and friend codes by following the instructions on picture 2.

Once your referral code is received, friend requests will begin pouring in, and all you need to do is accept them. Please pay attention to the delivery times, and maintain atleast 4 free spaces for friends for every 100 raid passes purchased, for a seamless experience.

Now, simply await the completion of the referral tasks, and you'll soon be able to start collecting your raid passes. Receive a notification for each account as soon as they are ready!  

Delivery times

While we work diligently to reinstate our 24/7 support as soon as possible, please take note of our current business hours, which are from 9:00 am to Midnight Central European Time.

It's essential to keep in mind that larger quantities, particularly orders of 2.000 rare candy and up, may require 2-3 days for completion.

Additionally, rest assured that friend requests will be sent within 12 hours after we confirm the submitted codes. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.


When will the order be started?

The order will be started as soon as we see it, 8-12 hours after placing the order in the worst case if we were asleep.

Can i stay logged in during the service?

Yes of course since this service doesn't require us to be logged into your account.

Do i have to have a certain level for this service?

No not at all, you can even use a completely fresh account for this service, if you want to.

Will i be notified when the service is completed?

We will notify you according to the method you contacted us at first, Discord or live chat. You will also recieve an email once the order is finished.