XL Candy Service - Spring into Spring Event

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The purchase of this product will get you 300 XL candy and 1k+ regular candy for the desired Pokémon, which is enough to power one up to level 50. Additionally, every shiny that we encounter during the process will be caught. This service is available for Pokemon featured in the current season, nesting species, aswell as spotlight hour and event Pokémon.

Available Pokémon:

  • Togekiss (lv 50 Max CP: 3767)
  • Blissey (lv 50 Max CP: 3117)
  • Eevee
  • Pikachu
  • Exploud
  • Nidoran (F)
  • Nidoran (M)
  • Jigglypuff
  • Buneary
  • Bunnelby

If you choose the 5 package, you can choose 5 different species, but also 5x 300 candy for one Pokémon. Please let us know the amount of XL Candy you want for each Pokémon after the purchase.

How does this work?

After the purchase we need your account information. We log into your account, and complete the service as stated. 

In order to ensure a quick process, please enter your account information during the payment process in the field 'other comments.


Platform: Gmail, PTC, Facebook etc.

Email: pokegomarket@gmail.com

Password: Pokemon12! 



The buyer's information is always treated with the highest priority. Information is only stored until the service purchased has been completed. 

We are operating since 2020 and are still at a 0% ban rate. As of now, nothing we do can even be detected by Niantic and we would never take any risks on customers accounts.

Delivery times


We can start with the service 2 hours after your last action to respect the cooldown rules. 

The service takes up to 6 hours, but in most cases less.

The 5x 300 XL Candy package takes up to 24 hours.*

 *Around 10-20 additional Shiny Pokémon per 24 hours

Please take note of our official business hours when you contact us via live chat.

Business hours: 12 p.m. - 3 a.m. CEST.


Communication is possible via Discord, Instagram, Facebook or the live chat function. To do this, tap on the pink chat symbol at the bottom left.