Premium Account Boosting - Raids Tasks Medals Gyms and more

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Premium Account Boosting

This service covers way more features than the regular boosting service.

Because we don't spend the whole day catching Pokémon this service can be done 24/7 and not just 3-4 hours daily.


- Deploy Pokémon in gyms to get coins
- Raid any specific Pokémon using any type of raid passes
- Keep specific Pokémon such as high CP, PvP, 100% IV and so on
- Catch specific Pokémon
- Battle Rocket Grunts, Balloons, Leaders, Giovanni
- Complete random or specific field research tasks
- Complete Special Research Tasks
- Complete Levelup Tasks
- Farm Platinum Medals
- Send and open gifts
- Hatch all kinds of eggs with desired incubators

And more! As you can see this service can be configured to perfectly match your personal needs, and you don't have to miss out on any feature of the game.

Example for 24 hours:

~ 6.000.000 Experience Points
~ 600.000 Stardust
~ 15 Shinies

By default we only keep perfect (100IV) and shiny Pokémon to save space. If you want to keep additional Pokémon such as PvP or high CP Pokémon you have to make sure to provide enough space.

How does this work?

After the purchase we need your account information. We log into the account and complete the service as stated.

Around 20+ (50+ if you want to keep more than shiny & hundo) space for Pokemon should be available per day. 

In order to ensure a quick process, please enter your account information during the payment process in the field 'other comments.


Platform: Gmail, PTC, Facebook etc.

Email: pokegomarket@gmail.com

Password: Pokemon12!


Delivery times

We try to provide 24/7 support again as soon as possible, but until then please take note of our business hours.

Business hours: 9:00 am - Midnight Central European Time


When will the order be started?

The order will be started as soon as we see it, 8-12 hours after placing the order in the worst case if we were asleep.

Can i stay logged in during the service?

Generally no, altough it's safe to login while having GPS disabled (Android Users only). We advice you not to login during the process, to avoid complications. If you login with disabled GPS, don't do any actions besides looking at your Pokémon, or it will disturb the process and possibly flag your account.

Do i have to have a certain level for this service?

No not at all, you can even use a completely fresh account for this service, if you want to.

Where will the service take place?

You can choose between Tokyo and New York.

Will my current Pokémon be transfered?

All your previously Pokémon stay untouched, you don't have to be afraid of loosing anything.

Will i be notified when the service is completed?

We will notify you according to the method you contacted us at first, Discord or live chat. You will also recieve an email once the order is finished. 

I don't want to share my main gmail adress, what can i do?

If you want to retain the privacy of your main gmail account, you can create a facebook dummy accoount and link it to your pokemon go account. Sometimes facebook has a 1 hour cooldown before a fresh account can be linked to a game.