Roadmap - Upcoming projects & improvements

Roadmap - Upcoming projects & improvements

We want to share our upcoming plans, projects and improvements in order to provide more transparency with our customers. Take a look behind the scenes and stay up to date, aswell as get some answers to potential questions!

Short term:

  • Account restock will take place until the weekend of July 14th.
  • Fix of the currently not flawlessly working Loyality Rewards system


Discord Server

We are currently creating our Discord server, it will provide features for both spoofing and non spoofing players, enhancements for our services and much more. Don't hesitate to join early on, even tho it's still in the process.



  • Community to chat about the game and everything else
  • Real time catch notifications for services like Premium Account Boosting
  • Coordinate feeds for 100% IV, Rare, Regional and other Pokémon 
  • Configurable private Coordinate Feeds
  • Trading matchup channel to find the missing Pokemon for your collection
  • Raid invite Bot
  • Giveaways
  • And much more!

Estimation: The basic setup including catch notifications for existing services will be done within a month from writing this article.


Website & General Improvements

We are always improving our website to provide the most exiting game services experience as possible, we are well aware of current issues and things that could go better and try our best every day.


  • Support of new Payment Methods
  • Better order tracking especially for longer orders
  • Ui improvements including example pictures on product pages
  • Implementation of PoGo events & news blog
  • Adding new members to the team (Applications open)
  • Implementing new and enhancing existing products
  • Fully update the trading sections (we have tons of Pokemon available and the process is quite tedious, hence why we liked to skip this one for a while)
  • And so on!


That should give you an overview of what's up & coming, and can hopefully answer some questions. We also always appreciate suggestions, ideas and criticism. Thanks for all the support throughout the years!